Sometimes, life is … you know …

Steve and I picked up this mug in California. We were there because Dad Sharpe took a very bad fall on the 18th of December and died on the 19th. We love Dad and it just doesn’t seem right that his is gone so suddenly, so we bought this mug.
I was thinking about it during the sermon on Sunday. Pastor Kelly was talking about being grateful. I wondered how to be grateful when life is crap, and it came to me. Life isn’t crap, but crap is part of life.
Pastor Kelly was also talking about our choices. We can sit and whine and be miserable, or we can find something for which to be grateful.
When we take crap and work it into the soil, it ceases to be crap and becomes fertilizer, a life giving thing. So, without crap there would be no life, no growth, no wonder at the incredible world in which we live.
Ironic, but get a pitchfork and work that crap into your life and be grateful for the new life that comes forth.
We miss you Dad. You brought joy and encouragement to so many, and left behind an amazing legacy. We are grateful to have had you in our lives for so many years.

One thought on “Sometimes, life is … you know …

  1. You couldn’t have said it better with “Life isn’t crap, but crap is part of life.” I don’t think Kelly’s series on gratefulness could have come at a better season in my life! Thanks for the encouragement. And my prayers are with you and Steve!

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