New thoughts from Old books

I decided it was time to read through the Bible again. Maybe I will even finish this time. I am discovering new things each day and it has made this trip through the scriptures fun.
I hadn’t ever thought of the Israelites in Egypt as anything but downtrodden slaves, but some of them owned livestock. I don’t know why I missed it before, but what they took from Egypt was not just plunder.
I picked up on their ownership while I read through the plagues. The sixth plague was pestilence on the livestock, but God made a distinction between the Israelites and Egyptians livestock, so the Israeli’s went untouched. Huh … I have always heard of the 10 plagues, but there are 11, if you count the final one, the death of the first born. That is one that I may never understand, but I do find it interesting that, after the Israelites are out of Egypt, in Exodus 13 God declares that the first born are to be sanctified to God. Today I started praying differently for my firstborn child, and my firstborn grandchildren. It has made me want to be a praying grandma that influences her grandbabies through her prayers. Hang on tight kids, Grandma is praying some great prayers over those grandchildren.

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