Stone cold stiff, but pretty

I chose this picture because I would look just like this if I were an Old Testament woman, stiff, proper and pretty, but afraid to move. I have been reading though Deuteronomy and some of the laws seems kinda’ quaint and cute, and then I read on. I am so grateful that I am a New Testament woman married to a man of God. Back in the ’70’s there was a movement in the church that took up some of the Old Testament traditions. I remember Steve asking why some laws were chosen to be followed while others were rejected. It was a good question. We live in an age of grace and I pray that I can be a source of grace to those around me. There is enough law and Jesus fulfilled it to free me from the life of a bronze statue. I can be real, be forgiven, be loved and be effective, not because I am wonderful, but because Jesus is amazing and sacrificed it all for me, and you too. Get up off the bench and be gracious. Bless someone for no reason other than that God took the time to make him, or her.

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