Life, death and life again.

This picture was taken in 1984, of a precious friend we haven’t seen for many years. When I see this now I think of C.S. Lewis’s book, The Last Battle. The last chapter is the most beautiful description of what it might be like when we pass from life to death to real life. The characters are stuck in a stinking shed, where they think life is as real as it gets, some of the characters have the courage to leave the shed for the unknown. Each step away from the shed takes them higher up and further in on a new adventure, where the colors are brighter, the air is fresher, the water sweeter and life more vibrant. Rob and his two sons were killed in a car crash just before Easter, leaving behind his precious wife. I cannot imagine Dusty’s agony. My brain cannot grasp being a childless mother and I grieve for her and all she has lost. But as I think of Rob today, I have to smile. He’s going higher up and further in with Byron and Gabriel. I can see the teasing twinkle in Rob’s eyes, and some how, I am sure there is a football arching it’s way through the air. There is wrestling in the grass, and squeals of delight and laughter without the bellyache. Someday we will be there too, in the best yard of all, in our Father’s house, where there is no more sorrow only joy unimaginable. See ya’ Rob. Dusty, you are in my heart and prayers daily.


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