Thoughts on the Dakotas

I have been distracted lately so no post, sorry. I have been touring the Dakotas! I know the winters are no fun, but the spring is beautiful. On the left is Theodore Roosevelt National Park and it is worth another visit. On the right is supposed to be two fields of corn or wheat or something, instead it is still an impressive lake. When you go to the store the next time and buy your food, pray for the farmers. It was a tough winter and a very wet spring and although most of the roads are no longer under water, there are an awful lot of fields that have become home to ducks and geese and coots and other water birds.
There are two fewer ducks in South Dakota. It was them or us and I thought Steve and I were more valuable, so when they flew at my car I didn’t swerve. I am sure the guys in the oncoming lane were grateful. Those were some slow ducks, in every possible way. I was thrilled that the windshield held up under the whack. I never did get a pheasant …
Ah, the circle of life.

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