Celebrating diversity

Brothers. They couldn’t be more different, and the same parents raised them. As boys one was compliant and the other wasn’t. They both made sure their baby sister, on the right, got here safe and sound. I had high risk pregnancies and landed on bed rest for each one. Jesse, lower left, and Andrew, lower right, did the cooking and cleaning for many months while I sat on a recliner.
Brothers. One went to college and one didn’t but both are incredibly smart. The same parents raised them. How does that happen?
I am still reading through the Bible and as I read through Samuel and Kings there are some very different kids sharing the same parents.
God formed each child individually, to be an individual. It isn’t up to me to turn them into little replicas of what current society calls good. It is up to me to study them, get to know them, see what God is working in them and then get on board with God. As it says in Romans, God is the Potter, not me. He is the artist. I get to be amazed at the beauty of His creation while I work along side Him, but I need to see and appreciate what He is doing.
It is up to me to teach my child to know God, to hear His voice and to obey. The hardest part is when they reach the age when I can’t make them obey, when it has to be a decision they make for themselves. In one case, he reached that age at about two. ( Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration.)
The hardest part is when they are adults and I think I know what they should be hearing. I have to trust them to hear God. I have to trust God to speak loudly. I have to let them walk with God, not with Mom. That is really hard.
Brothers. I love each one, I am proud of each one and I am still getting to know each one. As I pray for them today I am celebrating diversity, and praying for the baby sister who is learning to walk with God and not with Mom. It’s hard.

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