I haven’t quit

I find summer time wonderfully distracting, but I am still reading through the Bible. I became totally bamboozeld after I finished II Chronicles. There was so much about kings and judges in Samuel, Kings and Chronicles, but what stood out to me were the relationships, not leadership.
Relationships between the parents and children, and between the kings and judges, and between everyone and God.
When I finished II Chronicles I just sat for a while. The construction of two new houses bordering my backyard prompted thoughts of the house of God.
I am so grateful for my house. It was made just for me, to exact specifications. I react severely to many chemicals so we used special paint, special finishes, no glues, tested carpets and ended up with a home that is safe for my lungs. I am proud of it, and I take care of it.
Although my value doesn’t come from the condition of my home, it does reflect me. A piece of my identity is wrapped in these walls.
So what? I wrestled with how to express how I felt about God’s house when I finished Chronicles. It was built to exact specifications. The people of Israel gave money, jewels, and precious metals to make it beautiful. It was celebrated and praised. It was a place of worship, comfort and revelation. God lived there and His people knew where to find Him.
God’s temple was honored then trashed, repaired then desecrated, cleaned then neglected, refurbished then destroyed. Over and over again God’s house was valued and devalued. I sat wondering how that made God feel. Up and down an emotional roller-coaster is exhausting. I know that I am attributing human emotions to Almighty God, but He created our emotions. Our feelings have their roots in God’s character.
We are His temple. How are you caring for His dwelling place?
There are a few ladies in my life that help me with the upkeep of my temple, and I love them. Thank you Ellen, Cindi, Lucia, Cindy and Jessica.

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