Thank you, Judith Lane Dolim

I opened my Bible today to the front page and the message Judy wrote to me 34 years ago, caught my eye. It’s the Bible she gave to me when I was leaving college to head back to YWAM England.
When I read the verses she put at the end of her message I smiled. Those verses have been true about me since the day she wrote them, and whenever I look at the front of my Bible I remember her. Judy got the Bible with the fish, Steve got the one with the cross and she picked the one with the fish and cross for me, so I would think of them while I was away.
Steve and I have been married 32 years today.
I love my old, well worn, leather Bible, with it’s partially color-coded sections, notes by certain passages, and a coffee cup ring on the back cover. It is, as Judy wrote, the “precious and most valuable treasure” she gave me so long ago; even more treasured now because it has been with me for so long, holding not only God’s precious word, but of memories of cherished loved ones.
Thank you Judy. I love you still, from a distance.
Happy Anniversary Steve! I love you more each year.

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