Happy 2010!

Christmas was a blast with a baby in the house. It started with Papa teaching Lucy one of the best parts of morning, the wonderful aroma of coffee.
Now the new year is already begun and I have begun again with Genesis, as promised. I noticed something a little disquieting. We have been looking forward to retiring some day, but as I read Genesis 2, two things caught my attention.
First was the comforting part. Adam and Eve didn’t just wander into the garden, and it wasn’t necessarily where they were when God hand crafted them. God intentionally put them in the garden and with a purpose. He planned that they would work. Work didn’t come after sin was introduced; it got harder, but it was apparently always God’s plan that man (and woman) work. So where did we come up with the concept of retirement? I wonder. Maybe I will keep my eyes focused to see the answer to that question as I go on this time through.
Just a heads up. Our church is switching to a new version of the Bible this year, so when I quote scripture it will be from the English Standard Version. I am learning to be compliant. We shall see how long that lasts.


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