It’s been a long long time

I feel like I am starting over. I’ve been reading through Joshua most recently and what keeps coming back to my mind is history, personal history, family history, my heritage. It saddens me that my parents were so un-forthcoming about their histories. I know very little about my heritage. I wonder how they came to be Christians. Could knowing how they battled sin, help me win a battle or two, or even protect me from having to fight now and then? How did Mom and Dad experience God’s faithfulness? Who mentored them when times were tough?
Steve’s family has done better and I am blessed by the rich heritage my children have, but I wish we knew more. I want to write so my grandchildren know family stories and history. There are so many stories of God’s faithfulness to us that can be recounted to build their faith, that they must be recorded. If you know stories of your history, write them down, recount God’s faithfulness to future generations. It is more priceless that gold, and more precious than stocks.
I am leaving out the pictures because Grandma Yola can’t read through them yet, but I am looking forward to a few stories from her!

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