Friendship interuptions

I just read Ruth and got some new insights, which is good. Boaz was apparently not very handsome and significantly older than Ruth. You’ll have to read it for yourself, but Ruth 3:8-10 may bring a smile to your face.
I also noticed that Ruth paid attention. She noticed which of Naomi’s relatives were upstanding citizens before deciding where to glean. Boaz mentions twice for her to stay close to his women and then Naomi mentions to stay close to the women in Boaz’s field because she will be safe, so it seems that there was real danger for a stranger off by herself gleaning the fields.

But for the past week, my heart has been with a friend who’s husband is still not fully awake after surgery. It was supposed to be a short repair to his heart, but things went wrong and he was/is sicker than they thought. So I have been praying for them from home and then driving up to hang out when I can. I wonder at her composure, as have many. I am not sure I would have the faith and gentle spirit she has. I have listened to others and it is amazing to hear the different theories for what would cause a wife to remain so calm during a time of uncertainty.
I will work on being like Ruth, which is hard for someone who likes to talk. I will watch and observe and study so I may learn from Jeni. There is a depth in her, a calm certainty, and I want to learn from her. It may not be convenient to drive an hour and a bit each way, but it is more than worth it to be blessed, and hopefully be a blessing.


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