July 1st and I’m no Dodo

How would you like to be listed as the daughter of Dodo? It’s funny the things that catch my attention while I’m reading through Chronicles. I’m sure there are more spiritual things to search out, but it’s the odd things that make me stop and think.
Like the reason that Shimei’s clan was small, by comparison, was that while he had sixteen sons and six daughters, his brothers weren’t as prolific in their procreation.  Why was that nugget important? Maybe just because it would answer a question, or make someone like me sit with my Bible open while I pondered things.
I have been feeling particularly un-spiritual this past week, so as long as I am reading the Bible, and as long as the Bible causes me to stop and wonder why God put these kind of odd bits in His book, I am still growing in knowledge.
The book that is helping me grow in grace is still, What’s So Amazing About Grace. I have to stop and ponder that one a lot. It is very challenging to me and I highly recommend you grab a copy and read, but be prepared, it should make you stop and think about a thing or two. If it doesn’t we need to talk
I am praying for you today. Take some time to read your Bible and let the odd bits catch your attention. Why did God put that in His book?
“Sing to him; sing praises to him; tell of all his wondrous works.” 1 Chronicles 16:9
Do me a favor and tell me of one of His wondrous works. I’d like to hear what He is doing in your life.

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