I was finishing up II Chronicles today and God let me have several  “Aha” moments with the section about Josiah. Josiah became king in Jerusalem when he was only eight years old. He was a mere boy, but “in the eighth hear of his reign, while was yet a boy, he began to seek the God of David, his father.” (II Chron. 34:3)
That was my first “Aha.”  We don’t have to be old and experienced in life to be wise and worthy of leadership. We just have to seek and obey God. That puts a new light on Children’s Ministry. Maybe we should all get more involved and let the little ones teach us as we show them how to seek God.
Another “Aha” moment came later in his life. As part of Josiah’s clean up project, he declared that the temple should be restored. While that was being done The Book of the Law was discovered. It was brought to Josiah and he wept and tore his clothes in grief when he realized the evil that had been done in Israel.
The next chapter talks about how Josiah revered the Lord and restored the Passover celebration so that, “No Passover like it had been kept in Israel since the days of Samuel the prophet.” (II Chron. 35:18)
That is all great, but then, later in chapter 35 came the surprise. Josiah really wanted to fight the King of Egypt. We aren’t told why, but we are told that Neco, the King of Egypt tried to stop the battle. God was speaking through Neco and Josiah refused to listen. Josiah was wounded in the battle and died.
The biggest “Aha” for me is this. I can’t live off of what I did yesterday, good or bad. Through repentance, God’s grace covers my bad days, days when I am disobedient wasting my time and God’s blessings. But His grace is also needed for my good days, when I am walking in the adventure of moment-by-moment obedience with expectancy and anticipation.
I ‘d love to hear some of your “Aha” moments.

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