Straighten up

Still reading through the Bible, but this past weekend was our ladies annual fall kickoff. So early Saturday morning I drove into the woods just a few minutes from home. It was a small intimate gathering and my team had things under control, so I took a minute to head outside and take a deep breath. It was therapeutic. The crunch of the pine needles under foot, the whoosh of the wind in the trees and that deep green woodsy smell.
Then I went in to hear one of our young Moms teach. I loved her perspective.
She read us the story in Luke 13:11-13 about a crooked woman, unable to stand upright until Jesus healed her. Melissa described how the woman had slowly bent over, due to what is presumed to be arthritis, and then after 18 years ended up bent double. Then she asked us a really good question, “What do you suppose happened when she went home after Jesus healed her?”
My minds response was, “Gosh, I dunno, what?”
It is so obvious, but I had never thought about it. This woman had to go home and re-arrange her whole life so she could function upright. That truth hit many of us right in the face. We were talking about emotional healing and I am still thinking on that. How is it that healing can be so wonderful while incredibly inconvenient. We have to re-arrange our lives to accommodate walking in our newly given healing. Sometimes, for some of us, it’s just too much bother.
Walking in the reality of healing can be excruciatingly difficult, and the true freedom we seek takes time, but it is so worth it. My mother-in-law is doing the work to gain physical healing and I just want you to know Mom, you’re my hero! Keep walking.


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