Walking with giants

It has been a rough few months. First Steve got the lay-off call while on a business trip, the day before Andrew’s wedding. Poor form and timing.
Then we had all the decisions, emotions, frustrations and all with which to deal.
Then, the day Steve turned in his stuff and signed of Focus, his boss died suddenly. More emotions, guilt, confusion and shock.
Then a wonderful trip to Scotland, wondering about the wisdom of the trip but loving it just the same.
Then, the offer from The Billy Graham Evangelical Association, here after known as the BGEA, spoken with a slight twang.
Next came my lay-off. I am now the Women’s Lay Pastor, or unpaid staff, depending on which title is settled upon.
And lastly, an incredible visit to N. Carolina while Steve was doing his training with the BGEA.
I was gripped by the presence of God right down to my core, and blessed by being able to visit with Karlene and Bev Shea. George Beverley Shea has sung with the Billy Graham Crusades since the beginning and at 101 is as gracious and wonderful a man as you could wish to meet. To hear him “talk story” was more than fun, it was ministry to the soul.
Karlene was one of my Mom’s dearest friends, and one of the few who’s voice she recognized as dementia set in. Steve and I were bathed in grace, and the healing has begun.
Thank you.

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