It’s January 1, 2011 and I wish I had slept last night, but the fire is blazing, the aroma of fresh bread is wafting from the oven, and my new devotional ties in so perfectly with I Peter that I was speechless. (Thank you Karlene and Bev!) Wonderful comforts embrace me on this cold first day of 2011 in Colorado.

Steve and I began a new  tradition; daily walks together. I am proud of us for not passing on day one despite our exhaustion and the fact that with the wind chill, it was only 6 degrees. Our faces hurt, but it was sweet crunching and squeaking through the snow, arm arm.

I still have not settled on a specific verse from I Peter. The words that are rambling about in my mind are “grace” and “for this you have been called” and then “but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart.” So this will be a year of diligently pursing  God to find out how I Peter is going to change me in 2011. I look forward to getting to know the “hidden woman” of my heart. The last line of today’s devotions sent me right back to I Peter, “Give yourself fully to this adventure of increasing attentiveness to My presence.”

… increasing attentiveness … growing … like living water, running water, no stagnant pools this year, moving and growing … that’s the point, forward motion.

Happy New Year!

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