Crying for it

While I read through the Bible this year I am also camping in I Peter. I was praying for one verse and still have a whole book. At least it’s a short one. Today, my church is fasting, and being a modern kind of church, many of us are sharing our experiences in the church chat site. There are wonderful words of encouragement and thoughtful words of exhortation and a few irreverent posts on the hunger side of the fast, be we are doing this as a community. It’s a very good thing.

So my reading in I Peter today has deeper meaning. The passage I love and have written on before hit me in a new way this morning. “Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up … ” First of all, and I am not a milk drinker, a glass of milk sounds really good to me at the moment. Interestingly though, I have never thought much of the newborn infant. I have birthed a few, and when they long for milk, they are noisy, really noisy, and they get louder and more intense in their demands the longer they have to wait, until, if they have to wait too long, they are so angry they can barely latch on to suck.

That’s how I need to long for the Lord, maybe not in the form of a tantrum, but actively, turning my head to find nourishment when my cheek is touched. I think even out loud is called for, asking for teaching, looking for God, crying out to Him today every time my belly cries out to me. There is nothing passive about a hungry newborn.


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