facebook for spiritual growth

This week I have seen facebook become a place of encouragement and exhortation and I am loving it. I remember when it was letters, phone calls and personal visits where the only way I could talk with friends about what I was struggling with or learning. If God’s word overwhelmed me and brought me to tears there wasn’t always a way to share my thoughts and feelings.

Reading all the posts and scriptures on Journey Girls and on the forum for Team Players at Vanguard has moved me to tears on more than on occasion. Steve was printing several off this afternoon because they are, as he put it, “worthy of remembrance.” This week has been a long week and for the first time ages, that is a very good thing.

I am seeing God’s command worked out through social networking. II Timothy 3:10,”All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,” even on facebook.

Thank you to Tosha for taking the legalism and guilt out of daily Bible reading and creating a venue where it is exciting, fresh and an incredible source of encouragement to keep on going. God’s word is living and active, it is changing lives today as it was the lives of those about whom we are reading.

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