We awoke to ice in the house

and it was -9 when I got to church, crunched across the beautiful ice crystals layering the parking lot, to enter the swamp that was Vanguard this morning, explaining the truly breath taking, perfectly formed crystals I had just crunched, compliments of the broken fire sprinklers in the lobby.

And so we move into month two of 2011 and it’s a swamp not a drought that we face as we rebuild the walls. I am so grateful that it is not shocking that we face these trials. My initial thought is, “Really God?” and then, “Okay, how about, can we have an amazing newly refurbished building when we are done with this?” I am asking, in faith and expectation Father. Please, improve things beyond our wildest dreams, and I have some truly wild dreams Lord.

It may be cold outside, but I have an unexpected layer of warmth emanating from hope as I chose to fix my eyes of faith on the varied grace of God.

As Jonathan says, “God is good, ALL the time.”

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