A little bit of fatigue as we have a new grandbaby in the house. Totally worth the effort!

As for the book of Joshua, it’s a bloody book at the beginning and then a bit dry as they divide the land. A couple of things have been stuck in my thoughts. First, I was hearing old voices talking about the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament. He is the same, but there is a different covenant at work now than there was then, and I am so glad.

Israel was a bit full of themselves, being the chosen people and all and when I read Joshua I remembered what God said to them in Deuteronomy, “It’s not because you are so righteous that I will destroy the inhabitants, but because they are so wicked.”

The second thing is that it was going to take hard work to follow God. He warned them constantly to be strong, courageous and to not give up. I need that reminder. It’s still hard work, even though we are under the covenant of grace.

I liken it to facebook friends verses face to face friends. It takes little effort to be facebook friends, but sacrifice and diligence to be face to face friends. The benefits that come from the effort of being face to face; known, seen, heard and even emotionally exposed, are absolutely worth it!


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