Active reading

Until I got into my 40’s I would have to say that my reading of the Bible was passive. I read it, liked some of it, passed over a lot of it, memorized a few bits here and there, but I never really studied it. Then I discovered Kay Arthur’s teaching through Precept Ministries and a whole new world opened up to me.

I love reading and journaling while I read now. God has put the oddest bits of information in His word, and I have to wonder why sometimes. One of the oddities is from Judges 10. For some reason God saw fit to tell us that a judge had “30 sons who rode 30 donkeys.” Why do we care?

Another question that comes up for me is the treatment of women. They were property to be sold, given, taken or punished as the men of the town saw fit. God raised them up, but when the Israelites took on the customs of the surrounding cultures, women didn’t do well. I understand why the feminist movement isn’t fond of the church. We have done the same; taken on the norms of our culture as it relates to women and not studied what God has to say.

I believe His word is active and alive and valuable for teaching and exhortation. There are some amazing nuggets nestled in the Bible. It is exciting to dig them out!

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