A. A. Milne, C. S. Lewis, Shakespeare and the Bible

I happen to think I married the most wonderful man. He’s not flawless, but that just means that he can relate to me when my flaws display themselves. Sitting in the cushy arm chair, my steaming first cup of coffee half way to my lips, he said the thing that made me go “Ah, yes!” and off I went to the computer. My flaw, I jumped up in the midst of his sentence as the aha moment took me to the computer. His wonderfulness, he watched with a smile, and came in later to hug me. The aha moment follows.

The different books of the Bible are different genres and need to be read differently. Like Winnie the Pooh, C. S. Lewis, and Shakespeare. If you are reading Winnie the Pooh you may not be ready for Shakespeare, but you may be ready to have someone read C. S. Lewis to you. You work your way up to the more complex genres, but the journey prepares you to be able to read, and appreciate it on your own. The first time I had to read Shakespeare in school, and I confess I probably would not have picked up The Taming of the Shrew on my own, I struggled. In the 6th grade, I read Joan of Arc (a bit beyond my normal – Nancy Drew) and the course of my life was set. Although being burned at the stake was not my life’s goal, a passion to adventure with God was born.

As I approach my 55th birthday I have been to a dozen countries, setting up house in three of them, with, I hope, many more to visit. If I had never picked up a book that was just a bit beyond me I wonder who I would be. Probably Jo, from Little Women. I still love feisty women who push boundaries.

So, the point is this: Push forward. Don’t let the next book of the Bible, that isn’t like Psalms or Matthew intimidate you; let them touch you, teach you and prepare you for the next, perhaps more challenging book. We are growing up together in our appreciation and ability to understand God’s word. How incredible is He to help us appreciate other genres by reading His word? Amazing God. I love His complexity. I love His simplicity. I love His poetry.

Thanks Steve for saying just the right thing to send me to the computer.

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