Birthdays – I wish I did Birthdays better

March is a big month for us. It starts on the 9th with Jewell’s birthday, followed by her wedding anniversary on the 10th, Steve’s birthday on the 14th, Lucy’s birthday on the 19, my birthday on the 20th and my sister’s on the 21st.

Thing is, my parents never really celebrated birthdays. I don’t remember any party they gave for me. As a result, I always sort of pass by birthdays.

Our old tradition was a family dinner but when we moved to Colorado it was a long drive to Berkeley or Mendocino to have dinner with Grandparents. So, a new tradition was born; birthday week. One small special thing each day leading up to the birthday. We still didn’t do parties vary often, although the Harry Potter night with butterbeer and other Potter food was a hit, (recipes can be found on line) but it became a very special week for our kids. Ice cream date with Dad, breakfast in bed, the favorite dinner, a movie, a candy bar tucked in the back-pack, and one we started in Taiwan due to the cost of western breakfast cereal, the cereal variety pack. The 21st year is the end of birthday week, so we are almost there. Michelle, our youngest will be 21 this year.

But, Steve and I still do birthday week. I think that I am much easier to plan for than Steve. He knows what I like, what I need, how to bless me. Steve on the other hand remains a mystery. Even after 34 years, I am stumped as this birthday week looms closer. He won’t give me a list and when I ask I hear, “Oh, I don’t know.” I can only give so many Border’s gift cards. We are book lovers. March Madness on Direct TV is a standing gift and then I am stumped. A book lover, passionate for Jesus, enjoys almost all sports and is an amazingly wonderful man. Bigger than a candy bar and cheaper than the cost of March Madness. With the layoffs last year, the budget is bit tight.

So, the reason for this post is to gain inspiration from ya’ll. Help. If you have ideas, let me know.


2 thoughts on “Birthdays – I wish I did Birthdays better

  1. Hi Suz,
    It is hard to buy for men sometimes! After 26 years, I still don’t know what to get Blaine! As for Steve, when we were kids,he and I would fight over the bottom of the box of Life cereal. It had all the sugar and smashed pieces. Heaven. Maybe buy him a box for old times sake!! We also fought over the chicken heart that mom would fix but that is kinda gross!! How about a hike and a picnic, just the two of you. I always tell Blaine that spending time with him is the best gift!! Good luck!
    Love you, Janice

    • Some great ideas Janice! Thanks. I’ll have to pass on the hike as I am in a boot and on crutches, but I love the Life cereal idea; not wild about the chicken heart idea, unless Mom cooks.

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