The Valley of Elah

I love reading the story of David and Goliath, but since Steve went to Israel with Ray VanderLaan, I love it even more. He brought home the rocks in the photo. One for me and one for our daughter Michelle. He picked them up in the Valley of Elah where David would have picked up his rocks. When he came home, Steve shared the story and the lesson. You’ll have to read the story for yourself, I Samuel 17, but keep this in mind. Saul came from a lineage of experts with a sling shot, he was a commander of armies, a king. David was boy who protected the flocks, a scrappy fighter who believed in a big God. He knew God wanted to him to throw his stones and trust God for the result. The lesson Steve shared was this, when God gives you a job to do, even if it is beyond what you have done before, “throw your stone.” Do the thing He puts before you. What challenge are you facing right now? What tools has He given you? Use them. Do the thing! I am way over my ability at the moment and I choose, today to trust Him with the tools He has given me and I will do the thing!

If you see me around, ask me about my rock from the Valley of Elah, (on the left) and then, ask me if I’ve had the courage to throw my rock.

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