I missed last week

so maybe I’ll try for two this week. I am not a detail person and with our women’s retreat coming up this weekend I claim fried brain syndrome. I have solved part of the problem by staffing to my weakness, but if you’re a Vanguardian, you’ll just have to wait until this weekend.

As for reading through my Bible, I am still on it and surprised that I am doing as well as I am this year. The thing that has kept coming to me over and over again is the influence of women. There are so many women in scripture that seem to be pivotal in the lives of the men over whom they have influence. Women were supposed to be powerless, under the thumb and yet … Delilah, Ruth, Esther, Queen Vashti … they all had a huge affect on their world.

I was just reading Esther this morning and when Queen Vashti made her king angry every women from India to Ethiopia paid the price. How rude is that? Think about it. Who is in your life that you influence? I am being convicted to be wise in the use of my influence. My Mama never taught me the subtleties of using feminine wiles. I have some friends who were raised in the south who have told me they were well taught, but I just never got good at using those skills. Jo, in Little Women, was my hero and she stunk at using feminine wiles too.

But, maybe when the task before me is scary I need to respond like Esther when Mordecai said, “And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” There is something to be said for using our whole person in the service of God, and in the fear of God.


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