Still taking inventory

Last night my ladies came over to dinner. The talk turned to birthdays and milestones, and I realized that I don’t really care yet about aging. I am aging. I am 55 and the old body creaks and moans all on it’s own. Steve and I joined a fitness club which we have decided is a good thing. I have been faithful to get myself over there 4 or more times a week and I am breathing better, with less effort. There are plenty of new aches though.

What I thought was going to be checking out while I work out, struck out when I decided to do an hour of pilates with a trainer. I had to concentrate on what my body was supposed to be doing, while working very hard to make it stop doing what it shouldn’t be doing. I signed up for the private hour with a trainer in order to make sure my form was correct so I didn’t injure myself. As it turns out, I needed that help, but I had no idea it would require so much mental effort just to get the basics.

I am reading Ecclesiastes and I have decided that 3:11 will be the verse I recite to myself while I am swimming, since it is possible to check out when I swim laps. “He has made everything beautiful in it’s time. Also, He has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.” Apparently God likes a mystery too.

When I am in my pilates class I will have to be fully engaged in the process and think hard about what should be relaxing while other parts are working. When I can squeeze it in, I’ll remind myself that God makes all things beautiful in it’s time, including these 55 year old abs. (My posture has been great since my first class.) Mentally, physically and spiritually, it’s all worth the effort to get in shape. Since I am aiming for 100 years on this planet, and being productive the whole time, it’s a good investment. I have grandchildren to keep up with.


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