It’s summer. I know it because the weather has finally warmed, the fires have begun in several states and I hear the sounds of summer. While swimming my laps I can hear the sound of the lifeguard’s whistle followed by a shout, “Walk! No running!”

This June I am doing my first ever self improvement course, on line. Most of it is good. Much of it is out there New Age stuff. But, as I told the Lord last night, He is the source of all truth, so I am gleaning and meditating.

Meditating is a good thing to do while in the pool. Doing laps, chasing my self back and forth and back and forth could potentially be boring. Even in my teens I used that time to praise God, sing in my head, pray, and ponder the deep things of life.

Today I have been pondering some of the things that Marianne Williamson said in her session. I have never heard of her before this morning, but she has some wonderfully thought provoking things to say. Here’s one quote I’m pondering.

“Love is to fear what light is to darkness.” I like that. It’s true, it’s obvious, and I have never seen that truth in this perspective. It’s powerful, and Biblical. I John 4:18 “There is no fear in love; but perfect love cast out fear.” It’s just the same as turning on a light. You don’t watch the darkness fade, you just see light. Unless you have those new light bulbs.

I want to learn to live in love and gratitude this summer. When I hear the lifeguard tweet the whistle I will think, “Love! No fear!”


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