Breathing is essential to life. Those of us who struggle with breathing appreciate the joy of breathing without thinking. It’s been on my mind this week because I had my disability hearing yesterday.

My lawyer called the day before the hearing and until speaking with her, I hadn’t really thought about how we have changed what we do, where we go, and the adaptations we have made in our lives, so that I am safe, and can breathe without thinking.

Today I am feeling a bit sorry for myself because I realized that I had naively RSVP’s my friend’s wedding, telling her I would be there. After having an asthma attack yesterday because of heavily perfumed woman on an elevator, I thought about going to a wedding in the evening. People dressed up, perfume, cologne … breathing … not a good idea.

The point I have come to realize, is that I married a incredibly wonderful, compassionate, patient man who knows how to love with grace and flexibility. We never know when we go anywhere, if I will be able to stay and he is always there for me.

I pray my friend, who is getting married tonight, will be blessed with as wonderful a man as have I.

I do love Steve.

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