Simplicity and trailblazer were the words that stayed with me after I had finished my mile. I think I try too hard to be a good Christian. It’s simple really. Listen and obey. I just need to fall in love with Jesus and then it’s quite simple, if only I weren’t so independent.

It’s hard to let someone else blaze the trail of life. It’s scary. It’s out of my control. I need to think of my life as a rafting trip down the Snake River in Idaho. It was a blast and I loved it, even though I did part of the river in the river each time. It was a blast because I let the guide tell me what to do. My lack of expertise was not a question. I had no idea what the river was like, but my guide did, so I listened and obeyed instantly. When I was in the water, dwarfed by the boiling, raging rapids, I remembered his instruction and obeyed and I was okay.

God is my trailblazer, my pace and path maker and if I trust Him, this adventure of life is really quite simple, in theory anyway.


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