Forever young

I know I have said this before, but I swim regularly, and when I swim I use the alphabet to pray and affirm God’s character. There are a few letters that are more challenging than others to find affirmations. Y is one of those. Today I was inspired by Y. Young and youth usually come to me when I turn to start the lap on Y. This afternoon I began to wonder if our spirits age or if they remain forever young. I think maybe, although our bodies age, and I am feeling the affects thereof, our spirits do not. Maybe that’s why in my mind I am always sort of late 20 something.

I hope that I do gain wisdom and grace in spirit, but than I never grow old, creaky, crotchety and achy except in body. I suppose I will only know if that is the case by the reports of others.

What do you think? How old are you in spirit?


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