I love my Husband

One of my favorite parts of married life is sharing our faith. We both love God and we both love learning. It has been an amazing blessing for Steve to be working out of the home again. I love the brief interruptions in my day as Steve takes the walk from the office to the break-room, (our kitchen).

He shares thought provoking things, and I want to share this mornings discussion. It is about the Hebrew word for knowing. In the Hebrew perspective knowing isn’t a mental or intellectual thing, it experiential. It’s about having intimate, experiential knowledge of something or someone.

That brings new light to God’s reason for not wanting Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. He isn’t a spoil sport, and He wasn’t trying to leave them ignorant. He wanted to protect them from having an intimate relationship with evil, and all the pain that permeates our lives when we sin. If you have ever experienced, or been the cause of the ripple affect that flows unchecked from sin, the realization that God wanted to prevent that kind of pain, even at the very beginning of creation, brings tremendous comfort.

It also brings new depth to the words from the song, “I want to know You more.” That phrase is true about our relationship with God, and if we are brave enough, our relationships within the Church. I have very few friends about whom I can say, “I want to know you more” in the Hebrew sense. Those for whom that is true are cherished beyond words.

Laura Maria Alysia Naomi Magana, (sorry if I mis-spelled a name) was the first one I trusted in that way and I miss her to this day. Laura you showed me precious treasure in the words, “You are being such a brat today. What’s going on?”  You have been too far away for too long and I am so grateful for facebook!

Suzy Schneider,  a high school friend came so very close, and she is in my mind and heart more frequently than I would ever have expected when I left Berkeley. I believe that whatever I shared with her even today, I would be loved and accepted whether or not I was understood.

There have been names added to my list of those I deeply trust since then, but the list isn’t very long, and I think that is okay. It is scary to trust with such depth.

I will be forever grateful for my years in YWAM that started me on such a wonderful journey of knowing God, not just intellectualizing God.


1 thought on “I love my Husband

  1. This is a refreshing thought on how we engage in relationship with others. In Christianity we seem, rightly so, to focus a lot on our relationship with Christ. And while that is central to our life and mission we need to remember why that relationship with Christ is important: to share Him with others. Knowing (see what I did there) that our experience plays an integral part in our understanding of Christ should compel us to experience our relationships with others as well. To develop our interaction with them based on real relationship and not just the intellectual knowledge of their circumstances.

    Knowledge in this context speaks to the story we are a part of in each others lives and the greater aspect of our involvement in God’s story. Being a part of someone’s story is a blessing we should cherish.

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