For those of you who wonder “What is nanowrimo?”, it’s National Novel Writing Month, and I have decided to give it a shot. Beginning today, I am committed to writing 1,600 + words a day for the month of November.
I have begun, but even I’m bored with the beginning. I’m trying something new, something not inspirational and it’s tough.However, between my daughter’s taste in beer and my taste in ice cream things are looking up. Lest you misjudge me, one beer with polish sausage followed by 1/2 a pint of Haagen-Dazs is a good thing, and I am underneath it all, Lutheran.
I have promised myself that I will not edit until November 30th, so here’s hoping that tomorrow’s writing efforts are mo’ betta’ than today.
Only 300 more word until I’m done for this afternoon.


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