New Perspective

While swimming today I decided that maybe changing things in the pool might trigger creativity when I got home. So, being a left stroke breather I tried breathing with my right stroke. Interesting. The affect on my eyesight was a little disturbing. I did it for a few laps, but quit. I could push thru and become a two sided breather, but why?
I had an injury while working years ago and managed to become ambi-moustrous, and then after falling on an icy stair, I became ambidextrous, but since there is no pressing need, I’ll skip on the ambi-breathing.
The end of my mile was enlightening today. I finished, did a couple of egg-beater laps, (google it if you don’t know) and when I finished that I pushed off the wall and took some deep breaths while floating. For a moment I was a 19 year old water-polo player again, just finishing a work out.
The illusion began to fade, when, instead of putting my hands on the deck and pushing myself out of the pool, I dipped under the lane lines to the steps. As I walked slowly up the steps and felt the water run off my body I looked down. First I saw my belly, then my hips. The bubble burst. Those are not the hips of a college student. Those buns are no longer buns of steel. That belly has expanded to accomodate a few children and will never be perfectly flat again. Nope, this is definitely the body of a 55 year old grandma.
I sighed and went in the locker to shower and change. As I left the fitness center I saw a poster, “Have a runway body.”
I smiled, “Thanks but … no.”
Have no fear Lucy and Sean, Gogo still has cushy hips upon which you can perch. I like my Granny body just fine. I’ve earned it.

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