Ever wonder?

I finished reading the Bible this year a bit sooner rather than later. Since I have discovered how much reading God’s word right through has helped and changed me I decided to start again. I started this year by reading 5 chapters a day, which got me done early. I figure since I’m starting a few weeks early I’ll tackel 4 a day now.

Being back in Genesis I was just reading 12, when God tells Abram to go. Have you ever wondered why, when Abram tells Sarai to lie, it’s Pharaoh’s household that’s afflicted with great plagues and not Abram himself?

I’m thinking on that today. Our sin always has negative effects, maybe not on us directly, or immediately, but someone will always feel the effects of our sin, and in the end we will be held accountable.

I think it’s good to think on long term consequences. My actions always have an end result for good or evil, and after all, it’s not always about me.


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