Life is interesting

My kids are fascinating, even more so as they become real grown up people. Andrew moved back home a few weeks back, having left when his little sister was 6 or 7. They haven’t seen each other often since 1998 and it is a joy watching and listening as they get to know each other.

It is so strange to think that siblings could almost be strangers to each other, but I know that my oldest brother and I have been just that most of our lives. He left home when I was so young that we never really bonded.

We assume there is intimacy because we share parents, but intimacy takes more  that shared DNA, it takes time. I am blessed to watch my kids become friends as well as siblings. It’s too precious a thing to be taken for granted. Like marriage, it takes work to have a good relationship with your siblings. it takes time, energy, forgiveness and emotional investment.

Funny, I never really thought about it until Andrew came back home.

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