Singing Psalms and Remembering

I’m reading through Psalms this week and keep running across verses that I learned as songs way back in the ’70s.

The Castle is where I began to learn the joy of singing scripture. It’s where God took me beyond tradition and into an adventurous relationship with the living God. This morning as I sang in my head, so as not to disturb the neighbors, I was compelled to write this prayer.

Father, thank you for the years you gave me with YWAM. Thank you for pulling me out of my traditions and showing  me the incredible wonder and beauty of the bigger, multi-cultural Body of Christ. Thank you for blowing up my understanding of church and refocusing my vision for your people.

Where would I be now if you hadn’t taught me to listen for your voice? Who would I be? I wonder how many holy adventures go unexplored because your children neglect those inner promptings. How often do

we “pshaw” and think our thoughts are too wild to pursue? You gently call us to come, and then to go, but to often we sit.

Remind me Lord, when I’m feeling stuck in the mundane, that you have taken me across your world. I have been richly blessed to have you take me beyond myself in order to teach me that you are my provider and my sufficiency.

Tune my heart to your divine melody. Fine tune my ears to anticipate your call. Reinvigorate that sense of adventure that has taken me to places I hadn’t ever imagined I’d experience. I want to be a blessing and encourage others to go, to risk, to have adventures with you. Show me how to live in that glorious place of contented holy discontent so that I’m always leaning in, listening, aware that you are speaking.

When it’s hard to hear you, help me lean in closer so I don’t miss your voice.

Thank you. I am truly blessed. Let my life be a psalm that brings glory to you and encouragement to your Body, where ever I wander.










You are good. I am so grateful there are new adventures on the horizon.



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