I’ve slowed down with the writing thing

I can’t give up, but life has been rough this summer and I have found myself overwhelmed and writing is the area the has suffered the most. I send an e-mail devotional to the ladies at church and that has also suffered. I have missed my self-imposed deadlines a few times this summer. I’ve been very gracious to myself but now is the time to wake up and become consistent again.

I’ll start here and now. I’m feeling just a bit catty and shallow so all I really have to say is of no great import this morning.

I was reading Parade magazine yesterday. I like Susan Sarandon. She’s a strong, talented, opinionated woman. We would probably never be friends. Her opinions are, from what I’ve read and seen in interviews, the polar opposites of mine. But I will still watch a movie or pick up a magazine if she’s in it. I admire strong women, even if we disagree.

Three words in and  Zsa Zsa Gabor was in the forefront of my mind. It’s the “Walter Scott Asks” section and he begins with, “The actress, 65 …” Really? Is that so I wouldn’t confuse her with Susan Sarandon, 40? Her picture is right there, so that makes it pretty clear, but maybe I would still think of another Susan Sarandon without the clarification of age. Zsa Zsa would have set Mr. Scott straight. Is her age the first thing that comes to mind? Not the variety of projects she’s tackled, or even her political passions, or being a Mom, or the depth or her talent? Apparently, for Mr. Scott it’s her age. I would hope some who introduced me would have more the say than, “The Women’s Ministry Director, 56,” or The mother, 56,” or “The Gogo, 55.” Surely there are other qualities that would come to mind before my age.

It’s rude. It’s tacky. It’s weird.

Susan Sarandon, talented, complex and gifted woman. I’ll watch Arbitrage because I appreciate the work she has put into honing her craft. 65? Who cares?

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