I’m reading the gospels right now for a not so spiritual reason. I’m comparing them to see which is my favorite, but being as it’s the Word of God, I can’t help but be affected in my spirit as I read.

This morning the disciples make me smile. In Mark 9:33 Jesus asked the disciples what they had been talking about as they walked to Capernaum. The response is so normal, so human, so real. “But they kept silent, for on the way they had discussed with one another which of them was the greatest.” vs. 34

They were too embarrassed to reply. Be encouraged. Even those who walked with Jesus, ate with him, sat at his feet as he taught them, and in general spent life 24/7 with God incarnate, were still just guys that Jesus loved. A diverse collection of men one-upping each other when Jesus, with one simple question, takes the conversation beneath the surface to expose the heart – then – silence.

The handsome dude holding the volleyball is my incredible hubby, Steve way back in 1983. Were living in Hawaii and this was just before we headed to Western Samoa, or maybe right after we came back. I can’t remember exactly when, but the point is, after three months of intensive study of who God is, we went on a three month outreach, the hardest final exam I’ve taken.The outreach phase was designed to force us to work out in real life, what had just learned in theory. We were all so much like the disciples. There were many unholy conversations about each other’s greatness or lack thereof; who was a better leader, and why so and so should step aside so this one or that one could do the job.

I’m so grateful that we are loved by God when we are real and not only when we are righteous. Life, (and YWAM), tends to bring out both the real and the righteous in great measure. I’m smiling still. God is good even when I’m not.

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