January 2013

I was inspired this morning by a book, C.S. Lewis, Letters to Children. There’s something revealing and intimate about holding a pen, feeling the way the pen in my hand moves across the page, and something about that process helps me to allow my thoughts and emotions to be revealed in black and white, outside of me for someone else to read.

In 2012 Pastor Kelly challenged us to do something new for the Sabbath. I decided to write a letter, one letter each week to an Aunt who lives across the country. I hadn’t been in touch with her for years, but she was the person God put on my heart.

I love to get letters in the mail, not just a card, but a newsy letter. There’s just something intimate about opening an envelope and pulling out a piece of paper with handwritten words that have left an imprint on the page. My Aunt did send a couple of letters throughout the year, as did my brother. I even got a few from my sister. It was a treat, even though we send e-mails, the letters were special.

2012 ended with the amazing blessing of having my grandsons move in, (with their parents), and were able to spend three precious months being the Waltons. They’ve recently moved across the country so, instead of feeling sorry for myself I’ve decided to add them to my letter list. Hopefully I can be more faithful with letters than I am with this blog.



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