I had coffee with a friend last night and we were talking about family; the good, the bad, the ugly. This morning as I sat down with my BIble and journal, I was thinking about our conversation and I started praying the Bible verse God has given me for her for 2013. As usual my thoughts took off down a bunny trail.

Last night we could each look back to a relative or ancestor with gifts and abilities that we now see either in ourselves or our children. I began to wonder how much of me is in my children. I pray that as they grow in years and faith,  they will reflect their heavenly Father more than either earthly parents, (although their dad is nearly perfect in every way).

Steve and I each contributed some of our essence and DNA to our children, but I want them to have more of the One who formed them in my womb, (that’s a weird thought,) than they have of possessor of the womb itself.

When my grown children are in the same social setting, strangers can easily put them together. Just this week Michelle told us that she was at a party with her brother and more than one person went to one or the other to point across the room to the sibling and ask, “This may seem strange, but are you brother and sister?” The family resemblance is strong. Image

I love knowing that as I spend time with Jesus and become more like him, the family resemblance grows. Some of us were blessed with fairly functional families, some of us, … not so much, others of us, … not even. And yet, not one of us, when we surrender to God as His child, ever again need be lost in disfunction. The more time we spend with Him the more we pick up His traits, our talents are honed by His influence, and our faces reflect the light of His glorious character.

So, to my precious friend, “You look more like your Dad ever day. You are a reflection of His character and passion, a priceless jewel, loved and cherished by the members of your Family.”

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