Fire Season


This was the view from my back door at about 5pm on June 11th. I I woke up at 3:42am on the 12th to close the windows. The smoke was invading my space, again.

This shot is from June 2012. The fire was across the freeway IMG_5344and in the afternoons we would watch the rolling, roiling dragonlike plume of smoke race over the neighborhood and engulf us with it’s thick, dark, choking breath.

This year it’s on our side of the freeway 5 miles up the road. Once again friends are fleeing with what they can grab at a moments notice. Once again we are praying, and hunkering down indoors due to the thick brown air. And again, we live with the tv locked onto the news, facebook status updates, and emails keeping us in touch with as many of our loved ones and friends as possible. Lives are turned upside down and sideways. The ripple effect will continue for such a long time, and in many unexpected ways.

I find myself feeling little direct effect, and yet riding an emotional roller coaster. I’ve nothing profound or helpful to say to those I know who’ve lost their homes and belongings, but I do know how to cry out to my Father, so I cry. Tears and prayers are flowing from this home for the duration.

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