Birthday Month

Our birthdays come in two clumps. March is the first. Image

This month it’s been a bit frustrating. We do something we call Birthday Week. At this stage of life, Steve and I only do Birthday week for each other, having phased out the kids as they each turned 21. Not being able to get around yet, (still in a boot for the foot, and taking pain medications so driving isn’t an option), Steve’s birthday week was sparse. Okay, truth – nonexistent. I felt badly about it, but I was praying for a day of encouragement on his birthday, which he got. That’s a story for another time.

I haven’t been left out for birthday week. My husband is wonderful. Each day I’ve been blessed with something little, something thoughtful, something meaningful only to me, like my very own bag of marshmallows. (I’m sharing.)

In this very difficult season, I’m forcing my mind and heart to thankfulness. It’s not really that challenging, but it does take some conscious thought. I have to be intentional. I’m working at it, and doing a little better each day, but I don’t have it down. The intense, fighter within has to be knocked out every once in a while.

This morning for instance, a poor customer service representative took a bit of wrath. When he told me he would have to charge me to pay my bill by phone I replied, “Really. Your system is down, so when I call for help, you want to charge me to pay you.” Many other words and phrases nearly slipped off the tongue, but I restrained my self and gently hung up, although without saying “Good-bye.” Sorry Mark. I know it’s not your fault, but I wasn’t feeling like the “valued customer” your recording thanked me for having been for 20 years.

I’ve repented and prayed blessings over Mark, that he would have better customers than I, for the rest of his work day.

My thankfulness for paying bills this morning – I can. I have the funds. I’m sitting a warm house while the wind whips up the dust and tumble weeds fly past outside. I have a hot cup of tea and toast with butter and jam. I have precious friends to spend time with on my birthday. Life is good. There is much for which to be thankful, and I chose to look for the blessings. Here are just two. Image

I’m so thankful that social conventions no longer require women to wear heels in Disneyland. How did my Mom manage all that walking in those shoes?

And my birthday present when I turned 5, my beautiful sister Marianne. I’m so thankful for my amazing sister.



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