It’s November so we’re preparing for Thanksgiving. As churches direct our attention towards thankfulness Pastor Brian’s following suit, but with a slight twist. He’s adding the importance of community, which is after all, how this holiday began. A tiny community who’d survived much hardship, set aside time to express thankfulness to God, and their neighbors. Although my favorite part of Thanksgiving is being with family, it was originally a larger gathering.

Sunday morning at church, there was lovely dining room table and chairs on the stage. Pastor sat down and invited us to join him in a family discussion, (I really hate it when we have to turn to someone in church and discuss things, unless I’m sitting next to my hubby, Wendy Neal or Andrea Regan.) As soon as Pastor Brian asked what we were thankful for, like an automatic reflex, “Lifepoint, my new church family” came out of my mouth.

I’ll digress for just a moment. Back in the early 70’s I spent several months living in England. Anti-American feelings were strong and as an 18 year old it hurt to be looked down on and mocked simply for being an American. On my way back, from England to America, our plane circled the Statute of Liberty and when I saw her, I cried. I was so grateful to be home.

About a year later I felt like God was asking me to go back to England and I remember praying, “Please God, I’ll go anywhere, even China, just don’t ask me to go back to England.” That was in 1975. I did go back to England and then a few years after that, I went to China. Texas was so far down the list of places to go, it ranked below China. When, this past June, Steve was offered a job in Longview, Texas, I was stunned.

Back to the present; we just bought a home in Texas. I’m more than just thankful. I’m happy. I never expected to feel so connected to a church so quickly. Our Lifepoint family is loving us well as we deal with all the new things in our lives, complicated by the old, namely my big toe. Surgery two weeks ago, to correct the mistakes made by the surgeon in Colorado, was a low blow. Steve’s working this time, so we wondered how we’d manage. No worries. Our new family was here for us before we even asked. It’s good to be home.

We are honored to be joining Lifepoint at the table.


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