Another Lesson in My Texas Education

They build houses on a slab. No basements. I didn’t think much about that when we bought our pre-owned home. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

Pre-owned means that we bought the truly lovely home with the problems that have built up through the years, AND with the problems I wasn’t there to address with the builders.

For instance, we all learned in school that heat rises, so why, in a home with cathedral ceilings, would you put the heater vents, (intended to heat the room), 8 feet and higher, up the wall? In the rooms with standard 8 foot ceilings the vents are actually in the ceiling, which leaves the upstairs quite cozy. Downstairs however, we dress in layers and occasionally sit on our hands to warm them. I refuse to wear gloves inside.

I understand that on a slab there’s no crawl space, but if the intent is to provide heat to the room, shouldn’t you place the vents in the wall at say, the same level as the electrical outlets? I’m not a builder, but that makes sense to me.

Then, there’s the question of the heater. I couldn’t find it for a while. It’s in the attic. Hmmm. I think there may be a trend here. I called the heater people to come out and see if there’s a problem, other than poorly places heating vents, with our heater. While making the appointment I was asked questions to which I had no answer. I don’t know whether it’s forced air, pulled air, pushed air, or pumped air … I just don’t know.

After wandering the house trying to find the heater, (which I just discovered have multiplied) so I could check the filters, I found the first unit in the attic. It turns out I missed two others, in the other two attic access points. The filters was not found. As I continued to try to be a responsible home owner, I finally discovered the filters, in the ceiling, no where near the heating unit. I’m so confused.

I’m beginning to miss that cold Colorado basement I used to curse, where my heater lived. I could find it easily. I could change the filter with no trouble. And there was only one. And oh, by the by, it was gas.

Today I paid $60.00 for this bit of Texas education. All to be told I have the least effective, most expensive heating system there is, and I should expect a bill to cause palpitations. To all my Baptist friends, please forgive me, but this Lutheran girl may need a single malt before opening that one. Actually, make it a double.


3 thoughts on “Another Lesson in My Texas Education

  1. I assume you’ll be having that drink “neat” since it sounds like you wouldn’t want to deal with ice right now.

    I’d say “I’m sending you warm thoughts”, but you know I don’t do schmaltz like that. Maybe you can use that “chapel” as firewood? 😉

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